Parasailing Jaisalmer

If you are looking for Parasailing in Jaisalmer, stop here. Spirit Desert Camp provides parasailing in Jaisalmer at very reasonable prices with excellent services.

Get a bird's-eye  view of the city jaisalmer, decorated with pristine forts and colourful streets, and witness the beauty of the exotic desert in the background. Any above the age of 5 can participate in this activity.To all recommended time to enjoy parasailing is one of two in the morning at sunrise or in the evening before sunset. Spirit Desert Camp provide you with expert training on parasailing in Jaisalmer to make your experience a convenient one. You will have to follow the safety instructions from our expert coach. You can enjoy this fun-filled activity alone, or you can bring your family and friends along to have a great time.

What is Parasailing in Jaisalmer?
Parasailing in Jaisalmer allows you to fly high above the desert landscape while safely used to a parachute. The experience launch on the ground, where you are safely fitted into a harness attached to a parachute. A Jeep then acceleration, pulling you up into the air behind it.

As the Jeep drives, the parachute lifts you up, higher and higher, up to 150-200 feet in the air. From your convenience point, you'll take in panoramic views of the Golden Sam sand Dunes and desert vistas. The excitement and thrill of the mount coupled with the peaceful quiet of Temporary high up in the Blue sky is a feeling like no other.

The Best Time to Go Parasailing in Jaisalmer
When planning to go parasailing in Jaisalmer, the best time of year to visit is usually between October and March. During these months, the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities and adventures.

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