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Articulating the energy of the desert simply like the Arabian night tale, Jaisalmer is a famous city in the westernmost outskirts of Rajasthan and India. Jaisalmer is arranged in the core of the Thar Desert, making its limits encompassed by sand hills. The shade of the desert joined with the yellow hued (yellow sandstone) structures of the city has delegated the city with the title of the 'Brilliant city'.

Established by a Rajput ruler, Jaisalmer is known for its masterful structures and landmarks that are of chronicled and social significance. The city still takes in the conventional culture of Rajasthan, the best of which can be found in everything about vacation destination. Jaisalmer's magnificence lies in its destroyed surroundings moreover. The brilliant Sam Sand rises, a couple of kilometers from the city are the real regular vacation destinations. This inturn, made the surroundings an ideal desert outdoors spot in India.

Awakening with the outline impact of the morning sun getting made on the sand ridges, right infront of your campground surely feels a ton superb.

The pattern of desert outdoors in Jaislamer has been prospering at an extraordinary speed. Prior, outdoors in India was regularly limited to the mountains and high elevations. Over here in the desert of Jaisalmer it is well known with the name of 'Glamping marvelous camping.It is the vicinity of the city with Sam Sand Dunes that has changed the district into a camper's heaven. There falsehoods numerous alternatives for the vacationers to book their days in the desert.

Extending from ultra-sumptuous camps to essential eco ranches, the site has assortment for each sort of an explorer. It is because of the Rajasthani claim and the accessibility of lavish camps, outdoors in Jaisalmer has developed as a blasting idea.


* Every evening folk dance.
* Hot water Available.
* Western style Bathrooms.
* Camel Safari And Jeep Safari
* Travel Desk.
* Laundry Service.
* Doctor on call.
* Car Rental.
* Clock Room.

Mr. Praveen Singh
Opp Sam Dunes, Sam, Village Road, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001
Contact No.: 8094315943
E- Mail : [email protected]

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