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Camp in Jaisalmer

Camping In Jaisalmer

If you are looking for camping in jaisalmer so you are in right place we provide camping in jaisalmer very reasonable price with excellent services we have 50 camp in jaisalmer all camp are very spacefulley camp and comfortable camps.

Our camping gives back to the communities around us. Jaisalmer is a fascinating destination, very different from any other place in India. Jaisalmer is a splendid region in the Maharaja state of India in Rajasthan.Camp in Jaisalmer is a much-revered activity in the Thar Desert.Camp In Jaisalmer is known as the best camping in Jaisalmer.

The Camp is 35 km away from the Golden City of Jaisalmer. Traditional Marwari Rajasthani cuisine awaits you during your stay in our Desert Camp.

We offer an extraordinary combination of authentic Rajasthani desert experience and stay in luxurious tented accommodations for your ultimate Indian Thar Desert safari. All our Swiss tents are spacious, luxurious, with attached western bathrooms, running cold/hot water and all modern amenities.

Culture of Jaisalmer with Camp In Jaisalmer
Camp In Jaisalmer the real feel of the famous saying of Jaisalmer Rajasthan, "Padharo Mhare Desh." Located amid the center of the beautiful Thar desert, approximately 35 km away from the Golden city of Jaisalmer. A camp situated in a well planned beautiful spot among the infinite sam sand dunes Jaisalmer.

The exquisite Camp In Jaisalmer provides you with spacious roof camps, a Rajasthani baithak (with mattress and cushions), and a pleasant dining space in the centre of the camp with a taste of Rajasthani cuisine to give you Jaisalmer's Desi Culture at Camp In Jaisalmer.

Rajasthani Culture
Camp In Jaisalmer has long been a favourite destination for vacationers. In addition to the traditions and culture of the Marwari families, a very high level of hospitality and luxury is provided to make your stay a truly memorable one. Although Camp In Jaisalmer is situated away from the busy outside world, it remains easily accessible. It is only half an hour from both the Jaisalmer Airport and the Jaisalmer Railway Station. Your Camp In Jaisalmer tour will be coordinated with the pickup point near the railway station and airport a few days before your arrival.

One of the best desert camps in Jaisalmer offers you a chance to learn about Jaisalmer rich cultural history, which is unlike any other.A cool evening can be spent around a bonfire while stargazing under the open sky at our luxury desert camp jaisalmer.

Luxury Desert Camp Jaisalmer
It is situated over around 3 acres of desert land and has private sand dunes nestled between 500 feet of The Camp In Jaisalmer, offering tranquillity and peace. With all of this included on the desert camp jaisalmer property, you'll be able to get the quiet and serenity you're looking for during your entire family holiday. This quiet extends over a 3km stretch of desert with no traffic or crowds. The area is rich in natural beauty, culture, and customs.

Have a blast by travelling to a world's luxurious winds desert camp Jaisalmer. A short tour of two days and one night will take you back in time. Let's give you a jhalak of this journey. The tour will begin after reaching the camp you have start your day by exploring the adventures of jeep safari jaisalmer, camel safari jaisalmer, stargazing, cultural night in jaisalmer, candlelight dinner, kuldhara village, khaba fort, longewala post etc. Channel out your inner photographer to click pictures throughout the expedition.

Allow yourself the opportunity to take in the pure air that is filtered through the sand dunes jaisalmer of the natural world. Camel and Jeep safaris jaisalmer are available at Camp In Jaisalmer, allowing you to learn about Jaisalmer culture and tradition in a fun and exciting way.

Traditional Welcome
Camp In Jaisalmer truly believes in the Indian saying "Atithi Devo Bhava," After the amazing experience of the Jeep and Camel safari jaisalmer, when you return to the camp, we greet guests at the entrance with the "TILAK & DHOL" to the Camp In Jaisalmer. Now it's the time to serve you a refreshing welcome drink & classic high tea in the heart of Camp In Jaisalmer.

Connection of Camp In Jaisalmer is one of friendship of personal connections of a family being drawn to a destination decades ago, that is favoured by many today. Our luxurious desert camp and therapy that was established many years ago as First luxury tented camp in desert of Jaisalmer. Many of the experiences shared at camp would not have been possible without the collaboration of local communities.

We believe we are not just a camping, but represent a unique way of life, carefully preserving the traditions of our past yet framing them in a modern idiom.

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