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Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is a colorful and picturesque festival held in winters every year in Rajasthan. This is the perfect festival for those tourists who want to explore real desert state culture. Jaisalmer Desert festival will be celebrated from 07-Feb To 09-Feb Month.
During this festival, Jaisalmer comes alive with brilliant colors, folk songs and enchanted camel, turban and mustache competition.
Folk music and dances are being performed with zest and zeal under moon light and stars studded sky.
Vivid activities and competitions wrapped in Rajasthani culture are being performed in this festival.
Call now for indulging in this unique and colorful festival of Rajasthani culture.

Festival Details
When a year during winters, the sands around Jaisalmer wake up with the splendid hues, music and chuckling of the Desert Festival. Wearing splendidly shaded ensembles, the individuals of the desert move and sing frequenting melodies of valor, sentiment and disaster. The reasonable has snake charmers, puppeteers, gymnastic performers and people entertainers. Camels, obviously, assume an outstanding job right now, the rich and vivid society culture of Rajasthan is on appear. The celebration closes with a captivating sound and light show in the midst of the sand ridges on a twilight night.
The Jaisalmer fortification gives an ethereal setting to the yearly desert celebration. Supported by the Rajasthan State Tourism Corporation, this celebration is a blissful festival of the customary performing expressions and inventive specialties of Rajasthan.

A couple of days before the spring full moon as indicated by the Hindu schedule, artists, artists and entertainers from all over Rajasthan begin moving in beautiful camel bands towards the brilliant town of Jaisalmer, which wears a happy look. The in any case fruitless scene is sprinkled with dynamic hues denoting the opening of the Desert Festival. The twelfth century post of Jaisalmer, worked in yellow sandstone, gives a fantasy foundation. Throughout the years, the desert tenants in their isolation have woven an entrancing embroidered artwork with strings of music and beat and the Desert Festival is a festival of their legacy. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to see the people works of art against the scene that has sustained them for many years.
With the appearance of the specialists, a superb arrangement of projects starts in and around Jaisalmer. There is music all over and at each given hour. Through the twisting paths of the invigorated town to the sand hills and even the waterways of deserted towns, the music throws an intense spell. Starting at dawn, it arrives at its apex under the umbrella of the ritzy sky. In spite of the fact that it is for the most part a celebration of the performing expressions, there are a few different occasions that give a look at the desert culture.
As the day progressed, guests can encounter the desert experts. Impeccably weaved skirts, hand-woven shawls, mats, carvings on wood and stone, camel beautifications, weaved calfskin sacks, ethnic silver gems and earthenware are acquired from everywhere throughout the desert. These ably accomplished artworks are objects d'art for the handiwork buff.
Nighttimes are intended for the fundamental shows of music and move. Vibrating desert drums can be heard for miles around. Almost all the varieties of performing crafts of these desert individuals are shown. Proceeding till late into the night, the quantity of onlookers expands up every night and the great finale, on the full moon night, happens by brilliant sand rises.
Despite the fact that the essential plan of the celebration continues as before, every year there are a couple of new occasions. Probably the most dynamite and significant shows of past celebrations have been the fantasy like event, "Blood, Blade and Romance" on the sand ridges reproducing the amazing past the camel tattoo of the Border Security Force, which has a profoundly prepared camel corps to watch the western outskirt and the throbbing society group of a hundred performers.

Camels are large animals trouble as well as a fundamental piece of the desert life and the camel occasions affirm this reality. Uncommon endeavors go into dressing the creature for entering the fantastic challenge of the best-dressed camel. Strangely, there is a society melody to depict the creation of the camel's jewelry the Gorband. Camel proprietors strive with one another for winning the camel races and a sentiment of pride is perceptible both according to the proprietor and his mount that successes. To include some progressively fun and shading, the camel show has two one of a kind occasions - the camel polo and the camel move.
Other intriguing rivalries on the edges are the mustache and turban tying rivalries, which exhibit a magnificent custom as well as rouse its conservation. Both the turban and the mustache have been hundreds of years old images of respect in Rajasthan.
Keeping the mustache contorted upwards implied keeping the pride flawless while hanging mustaches passed on complete give up. Tying a turban isn't just a captivating custom however a workmanship too. Shifting styles of tying the turban and hues portray the standing, area and furthermore the event. To the watchers, it seems confounded however the individuals who have acquired the custom tie a turban out of meters of fabric at the flicker of an eye.

Dissimilar to the significant celebrations of Rajasthan, the desert celebration has no legends to relate. It is a made occasion yet the music customs of the desert are intriguing to such an extent that imagining the melodic celebration came as just about a characteristic answer for encouraging their safeguarding. It was likewise roused by the Music Festival of Salzburg-however entirely unexpected in idea and substance. Both the towns ooze music and have an overwhelming inflow of travelers. Be that as it may, in contrast to the Salzburg Festival, the shows of the Jaisalmer Festival are not ticketed. Supported by the state the travel industry partnership, it has been intended to advance the travel industry in the puzzling Thar Desert.
When the celebration is finished, it surely deserts a nostalgic inclination. A few specialists of music have been to the celebration more than once and there is a traveler from Holland who has gone to the celebration multiple times.
Today, this conventional party is a desired occasion for music darlings the entertainers just as the audience members. For the entertainers, it has become a renowned occasion to take an interest in. It has additionally helped discover new ability and used support to numerous artistes.

History of Desert Festival
Fundamentally the Desert celebration of the Sand rises of Rajasthan is essentially composed to draw in travelers from everywhere throughout the world by 'The Tourism Department of Rajasthan' and to inspire the social legacy of Rajasthan. The celebration is genuinely an event and without a doubt pulls in a large number of vacationers to the city of the 'Brilliant Fort'- Jaisalmer. The travelers who are from outside India are essentially focused to visit to this celebration and see the excellence of the social conventions of the state. Furthermore, authentically these outside visitors love to see the looks at the way of life of India particularly Rajasthan through different exhibitions and rivalries that are sorted out displaying as significant piece of this celebration. In this way, in these three days the vacationers can gather the diaries of their experience of these exhibitions that are the introduction of the beautiful culture of Rajasthan.
There is another foundation of the celebration which is propelled by the Hindu Mythology. It is accepted that Lord Krishna once said to Arjuna that one of things to come leaders of the Yadav family will fabricated his realm on the Trikuta Hills and his words worked out when Rana Jaisal established the Golden Fort as his realm on the slopes and named his realm as Jaisalmer. What's more, this is the festival which can't be overlooked as the townspeople and the neighborhood individuals dress in their best ensembles and sing society tunes to greet the celebration wholeheartedly and eagerness. They hang tight for this celebration when the winter shows up and the goodbye the season with a note of festivity of their way of life.

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