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The tour will start from Camp In Jaisalmer Office located at Fort Road, Gopa Chowk, near the Fort Main Gate, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

The Half-Day Sunset Camel Safari Jaisalmer is a perfect getaway for those who wish to experience the desert life in a short span of time. These tours will offer you the freedom to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the desert along with having a delicious dinner with your family and friends. This tour is especially for those who want to explore the desert and spend time gazing at the beautiful sunset.

You will start the tour in a jeep and will visit the Jassu Oasis as well as the ruined Khaba Fort on your way to the jeep point. Once, you have reached there, you will be welcomed by our friendly guides and healthy camels. After mounting on the camels, your guides will take you to the dunes. There you can sit, relax & enjoy the beautiful sunset and in the meanwhile our guides will cook delicious dinner for you. After dinner, you’ll return back to Jaisalmer by a jeep.

You will enjoy this camel safari as you will not only experience a beautiful sunset in the desert, but will also get fresh delicious, hygienic and mouth-watering dinner; adequate packaged drinking water; and jeep support.

The tour will start at 1.30 PM from October to end of March and would start at 2:30 PM from April to the end of September. The arrival is after sunset and you will reach Jaisalmer by approximately 9:30 PM the same day.

What's Included

* English speaking guides
* One camel per person
* Full jeep support

Freshly-prepared vegetarian meals (breakfast), chai/coffee, snacks and plenty of bottled water. A full menu is available at our office, or on request by email. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements.

Secure luggage storage and the use of our guesthouse facilities for showering and resting both before and after your safari.

Free pick-up service from your hotel/transport on the day of your safari: just let us know your hotel name or arrival time and method of transport. We can collect from any hotel outside the fort, and pick-up time is half an hour before the scheduled start of your safari. Otherwise the starting point is the Trotters office (reporting time half an hour before the scheduled start of your safari)

Add Ons - Price Extra

Music & Dance Programmes: This consists of a groups of 4/5 singers, dancers and musicians from the local gypsy community, performing Marwari music and playing traditional instruments. The performance lasts for approximately two hours Please ask for current prices. We can arrange a private performance for you/your group, or you can choose to share the performance with any other guests who happen to be on safari with you. Please note that guests who have not specifically requested the music & dance programme may choose to contribute but are under no obligation to share the cost.

Non-Veg: Our regular trips come with vegetarian food (daal, rice, chapatti, vegetables curries, pakora etc.) included – please ask if you’d like to see the full menu. Non-veg can be provided as well for an additional cost. Both mutton and chicken are available and will be cooked fresh at the campsite. Please enquire for further details.

Camel Carts: Our camel carts can seat a maximum of 4 people, and are suggested for those who might not want to ride camels for long periods of time, and for groups with young children.

Sightseeing: Our trips include visits to the Khaba Fort and the Jassu Oasis (or a desert village if requested), though we can also provide additional visits to other historical monuments and other desert village locations. Due to time constraints this is recommended only for travel on our multi-day tours.

Private Safari: Usually we will form a group from the guests who book for a particular day, but if you’d prefer a private trip – riding and camping away from other guests – this can be arranged at no additional cost. Just let us know at the time of booking.

Note: you may have to share a jeep with other customers unless you wish to pay for the hire of a private jeep. We require a minimum of two people to arrange a private safari at no additional charge.

What to carry

* Long-sleeved shirt and long trousers.
* Sunglasses, sunhat, and scarf. (We don’t recommend that you wear contact lenses as the very fine sand can easily get behind them. Please bring your prescription glasses instead.)
* During winter, a warm jacket or shawl for the evening and early morning.
* Toiletries.
* A torch (flashlight) – no light source is available at the campsite.
* For morning departures / late afternoon returns, something to occupy yourself during the long lunch break (books, cards, music etc).
* Camera (be very careful with electronic equipment as the sand can easily enter the mechanism).
* Please bring any medication you think you might need.

Additional Information

Children aged 4-6 are half-price and must share a camel with a responsible adult guardian. Children aged 7 and over are charged full price and can ride their own camel at their guardian’s discretion. There is no charge for children under the age of 4. We do not recommend overnight safaris for very young children, but are happy to recommend our half day tour. For safety reasons, children under the age of 4 will not be permitted to ride camels, even when accompanied by an adult, as both parties need to be capable of holding on to the saddle horn/ropes for the duration of the ride. They must remain in the jeep and be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.

Campfire Campfires are lit during the winter months (approximately November – February, dependent on the weather). We do not light a campfire during the summer months as the light can draw insects to the campsite. Please note that, for the same reason, no fixed light source is available at the campsite: we recommend that you bring your own torch (flashlight), but to limit its use.

Jeep-only option While the desert landscape is best experienced from the back of a camel, the jeep is available for anyone who cannot or does not wish to ride. If you would like to try a shorter ride at the dunes, just to get a taste of camel riding, this can be arranged. Please note that the jeep route is mostly on roads and farm tracks – it does not follow the camel route and is not a dedicated ‘jeep safari’ as such: just an alternative means of reaching the campsite.

Facilities PLEASE NOTE: there are no washing/bathroom facilities available after leaving Jaisalmer. Please try to minimize the use of toilet paper: it spoils the dunes and is difficult and unpleasant for our staff to clean up. We recommend that you adopt the local method of washing with water. If you do use toilet paper, please do not bury it or leave it in the open: either bag-and-bin or burn it (we can provide matches). Wet wipes must be bagged and returned to town for disposal.

Please help us to keep the desert tidy by returning all your litter to camp.

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