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Desert Camp Jaisalmer
Spirit Desert Camp

Desert camping in jaisalmer is inimitable and exceptional experience in India itself.

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Jaisalmer is the most beautiful part of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer called as golden city of Rajasthan.

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Spirit Desert Camp should be the destination for your next vacation as it provides a relaxing holiday with a hint of adventure.

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Spirit Desert Camp

Desert camping in Jaisalmer is an inimitable and exceptional experience in India itself. This is a very alluring and life-enchanting experience that one cannot forget throughout the entire life span. Tourists, both Indian and foreign, are captivated by desert camping in Jaisalmer. The golden city welcomes tourists with open arms, golden sand, and the picturesque beauty of nature. Sunrise seems like it is rising from the desert and setting within the desert again with the promise of rising the next day with more profound beauty. Spirit Desert Camp offers magnificent desert camping in Jaisalmer with world-class amenities. Spirit desert camp offers luxurious desert camps with the enchanting ambiance of Rajasthani culture and tradition. It is rightly said that "one can read, one can listen, one can talk about a place, but when one actually experiences the place, that is when he truly understands it and lives it." The joy of experiencing the desert city is one that can never be forgotten. Every atom of sand, brick, and air seems to resound with the memory of their victorious kings and queens. To be amidst a culture of such hospitable, courteous people who go about their day with a constant smile and deep gratitude for their traditions is a truly beautiful feeling, one should have once in their lifetime. A desert camp with Rajasthani music and dance takes you to an ancient time of the "Raja-Maharaja's" glorious empire. Travel back in time to the era of the crown's reign.Live their tradition and culture like your own! Correctly named "the Great Indian Desert," the Thar Desert forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan. Rich in culture and full of color, it is a grand open-air museum that projects art in vibrant shades.

Camp in jaisalmer offers you a peculiar travel destination experience with in India with vast and vivid picturesque locations. If you want to visit a place near to nature, a home - away from home with golden enchanting sand and enticing raja maharaja style then camp in jaisalmer is the perfect and unrivalled option for your dream destination. It is famous for its “atithi devo bhava” culture and welcomes guests with very warm and pure love from its residents. Camping in jaisalmer will provide you a different type of magnetic experience that you would never have thought as it provides you a felling of winsome glorious empire of king with imperturbable place. It is far away from city crowd, noise and traffic life which leads you to tiredness but Camp in jaisalmer will rejuvenate not only your body but also your soul with unmatchless beauty of Thar Desert soaked in shining golden sand and sun rise and set view from naked eyes behind the sand dunes. Traditional kalbeliya dance with cultural music will let you feel that you are in the era of foregone time where emperor royal traditions and rules are still live. Rajasthani food will add icing on the cake along with staff glittering smile and humility.

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